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United by our mission – divided by geography. We're a small remote-first studio in Aotearoa, New Zealand, backed by great advisors and tech.

We're currently looking for

We're hiring


We're currently looking for

We're currently looking for

We're hiring


We're currently looking for

Joe Raeburn

Eight-year-old Joe remembers fighting over who got to be the Helicopter in Silkworm on Amiga with his best friend. And then losing in a glorious cacophony of co-op play.

Tim Knauf

1988: Nine-year-old Tim sketches the design for a multiplayer, networked point-and-click adventure at his family's kitchen table.

Ben Crouch
Senior UI Designer

Ben's dad brings home a work computer and boots up OG Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0. As the plane soars jerkily over a landscape of white triangular mountains, Ben is transfixed, and vows that one day he will work on his own triangular mountain game.

Luke Smith
Senior Game Designer

Games were scarce in Luke’s childhood home, so he built his own using Q-BASIC. His first text adventure was gleefully deadly. He was hooked.

Stephanie Lincke
Senior Backend Developer

Steffi's game development career started at ten, with a text adventure centred on avoiding the teachers in the school building while skipping lessons.

Phil Yum
Senior Game Developer

Phil is excited to bring co-op experiences to mobile.

Weber Li
Senior Server Developer

Weber is a full-stack engineer. His goal at 2UP Games? Keep lagginess away.

We're hiring!

How we work

The best in this industry are spread around the globe. We make sure that geography isn’t a barrier to building an amazing core team. Remote working at 2UP means you will have the latest equipment, at home. It means we will talk online every day, and meet up every few weeks.  

We are open to applicants whose time zones overlap with New Zealand. (E.g. Australia and California works. Europe doesn't.)

2UP power-ups

We’re all about you being you, so you’ll have full autonomy over how you work and some flexibility in when you work. We’re well funded which means you can get good kit and know that you’re financially secure. We also offer stock options to all employees.