Cookie Policy

2UP Games Cookie Policy

Last updated on 10 November 2020

We (meaning 2UP Games Limited) use technologies on our website and online services (which we'll call the ‘Services’) to collect information that helps us improve your online experience. We refer to these technologies, which include cookies, collectively as “cookies.” This policy explains the different types of cookies used on the Services and how you can control them. 


We hope that this policy helps you understand and feel more confident about our use of cookies. If you have any further queries, please contact us at 


Please also see our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service on our website.

  1. What is a cookie?
    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. They are widely used in order to make websites or other online services work or to be better or more efficient. They can do this because websites and other online services can read and write these files, enabling them to recognise you and remember important information that will make your use of them more convenient (e.g. by remembering your user preferences).  
  2. What cookies do we use?
    Below we list the different types of cookies we may use on the Services.

    Essential Cookies are essential to the operation of our service in order to enable you to move around it and to use its features. Without these cookies, services you have asked for, such as accessing secure areas of a website or paid for content, cannot be provided. These cookies are essential for using the service and therefore cannot be turned off without severely affecting your use of it.

    Essential cookies on the Services may include:


    Prevents cross-site request forgery (CSRF). CSRF is an attack vector that tricks a browser into taking unwanted action in an application when someone is logged in.

    Performance Cookies
    Performance cookies, which often include analytics cookies, collect information about your use of the Services and enable us to improve the way they work. For example, performance cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages on our website, allow us to see the overall patterns of usage on the Services, help us record any difficulties you have with the Services and show us whether our advertising is effective or not.

    Performance cookies on the Services may include:
    ss_cid - Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site.
    ss_cvr - Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site.
    ss_cvisit - Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site.
    ss_cvt - Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site.
    ss_cpsvisit - Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor’s sessions on a site.
  3. How do I control cookies?
    You may refuse to accept cookies from the Services at any time by activating the setting on your browser or device which allows you to refuse cookies. Further information about the procedure to follow in order to disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. You may wish to refer to for information on commonly used browsers. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, not all features of the Services may operate as intended.
    We may change this Cookie Policy at any time. Please take a look at the “LAST UPDATED” date at the top of this policy to see when it was last revised.  Any amendments to this Cookie Policy will come into effect immediately if you are a business or 30 days after this "LAST UPDATED" date if you are a consumer. If you do not agree to those changes, then unfortunately you must stop using the Services.