Co-op games that connect people

We build mobile games to harness humanity’s superpower: cooperation.
We're hiring
Our first game is in the pipeline.  We’re well funded (thanks Supercell)!
Our mission is to connect friends, family and strangers through mobile games.

How we


Every sprint we discover something new about making co-op games.  We’re building, testing, and learning. We get it wrong just as much as we get it right.  Here are a few hard-won insights:

Stack the deck

We can't force players to co-operate. But we've found ways to "nudge" players into being good citizens. Consider this rule: "if one player fails, then you both lose".  

Make time for “nothing”

Pauses in a co-op game create space to look at your partner’s contribution and think about what they need. In contrast, non-stop action doesn't leave room to appreciate your partner.

Liquidity is life

We want players to pair up with friends, family, clan-mates and strangers. So we let all players of all experience levels play together. A nice side effect? High liquidity and fast matchmaking.


Players connect through more than just gameplay. Emotes are great. Transforming every tap and drag into networked communication is even better.

Come for the game.
Stay for the community.

We aim to keep players engaged for years with a vibrant community. Co-op gives us an edge - every session connects players together.


Ahead of us lies a path full of twists and turns – of building, testing, failing, trying again and inching our way towards something amazing.  Right now we’re looking for other travellers to join us on our journey.
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