We're hiring!

Right now, we’re building our core team.
A supergroup that will define how we develop our games and our team culture.

This is your opportunity to get in early. A new studio, with experienced practitioners at the helm, backed by investment from Supercell. This equation doesn’t come along often.

Start with your heart.

We’re going to cross some tricky terrain over the next few years, but we see this as a chance to do the best work we've ever done. We look to these values to keep each other safe, motivated and productive on the journey.

We're considerate

We’re trying to do something hard, together. Take the time to help your co-workers achieve their dreams. Collaborate compassionately, critique respectfully, and listen deeply.

We're motivated

We are pioneers, motivated from within. We work to support everyone’s productivity. And we never lose sight of the goal: shipping our games to millions of delighted players.

We're individuals

Find the awesome—your way. Bring yourself to work: your strengths, your quirks, and your ways of getting things done. Be your best self, no one else.