Coming Soon: Creative AI Roles

February 1, 2024
Remote (New Zealand & Australia)
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Full Time

Coming Soon: Creative AI Roles

Remote (New Zealand & Australia)

About 2UP Games

We’re an “AI-empowered games studio”. We make mobile games, using the most game-changing tech since the original iPhone.

We believe in putting the creative power of Generative AI into the hands of players. We’re excited about delivering fresh takes and whole new categories of games that were not even possible a year ago. And our own team is just as creatively empowered by AI. By embracing this, we are equipped to compete with teams 10x the size.

Our first AI-empowered game incorporates live AI image generation on a custom backend. Our players collaborate artistically with Generative AI, expressing themselves in new and wonderful ways.

We’re a remote-first studio, backed by Supercell. We offer the adventure of a startup, with the backing of the biggest name in mobile games.

We’re a team of nine game-making veterans. We have employees from Magic Leap, Space Ape, Immutable, PikPok and more! We’re on a journey to become the studio best placed to make “the next big game” on mobile, using cutting-edge tech, the best craft, and the best team. Are you up for it?

Upcoming positions

Being a team of “veterans” can be a disadvantage when the world is changing so rapidly. Our studio is packed with AI believers and evangelists, but the rules of game development are being rewritten.

Coming soon, we'll be looking for more “AI Natives” – those who live and breathe creating with generative AI. People who want to open up new opportunities for players. People who can:

  • Cheerlead for new tools, and new ways of creating
  • Be expert at a selection of ML / GenAI Tools – perhaps you are even a leader in this space
  • Generate content for our games, and find ways players can create using our games
  • Help us be industry leaders with our AI Policy, using this incredible technology responsibly and safely

You may not come from a traditional games development background. The key to an interview is always an amazing portfolio, showreel, website or social media presence that demonstrates what you can do with generative AI.


We believe diverse perspectives are essential to achieving our mission. Having a team with different life experiences is a massive asset in doing this.

For these roles, the industry experience requirement is low. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about our mission and whose portfolios speak volumes about their talent and creativity. 

We’d like to make games where every player feels represented, your voice is heard, and each team member feels respected.

Work Hours

This is a startup, does that mean I’ll work crazy hours?

We want the team to be happy and productive for the long haul. We balance a sensible baseline with the occasional need to push hard.

  • Baseline of 37 hours per week
  • We finish early on Fridays
  • Some flexibility when you work the hours within a week
  • Occasional surges around milestone releases
  • Once a game is released – rostered time “on call” to respond if there are problems

Employee Values

These values describe how we aim to work at 2UP Games. 

  • We’re Considerate – We’re trying to do something hard, together. Take the time to help your co-workers achieve their dreams. Collaborate compassionately, critique respectfully, and listen deeply.
  • We’re Motivated – We are pioneers, motivated from within. We work to support everyone’s productivity. And we never lose sight of the goal: shipping our games to millions of delighted players.
  • We’re Individuals –  Find the awesome, your way. Bring yourself to work: your strengths, your quirks, and your ways of getting things done. Be your best self, no one else.

Drop us a line

Our current job openings have been filled! But we're always interested in hearing from folks with an exceptional AI-focused portfolio. We’re keen to connect with those who share our vision for revolutionising mobile gaming with AI. If that sounds like you, drop us a line on Please include your CV, a link to your portfolio, and why you’re interested in what we're doing.

Sound like you? Send your CV through to us: