Senior UI Artist

March 8, 2023
Remote (New Zealand & Australia)
Job type:
Full time

2UP Games Limited

At 2UP Games, we bring new game experiences to a massive audience. We’re a remote-first studio, backed by Supercell. We offer the adventure of a startup, with the backing of the biggest name in mobile games. 

We’re an “AI-empowered games studio”. We make mobile games, using the most game-changing tech since the original iPhone. We’re excited about unleashing Generative AI to:

  1. Deliver new categories of games that were not possible a year ago.
  2. Amplify the creativity of our team. As an AI-empowered 10-person team, we are equipped to compete with teams 10x the size.

Our current project is a social drawing and guessing game, where players’ drawings magically come to life with AI image generation. We’re on a journey to become the studio best placed to make “the next big game” on mobile, using cutting-edge tech, the best craft, and the best team. Are you up for it?

We’re a team of eight game-making veterans. We have employees from Magic Leap, Space Ape, Millipede, PikPok and more!  We’re always looking for talented and experienced people to join the mission. We have a heritage of making co-op games, such as Highfive Heroes.

Job Description – Senior UI Artist

As the UI Artist at 2UP Games, you’ll be responsible for creating an outstanding player experience. You’ll be in charge of how we approach UX, and define our signature UI style.

You revel in the challenge of making gameplay and meta systems connect with players. You unearth players’ desires and ensure we meet them. You create interfaces which combine usability and sensory pleasure. And it’ll look really nice on a mobile screen.

This role suits people with mid to senior-level experience, who wish to grow while having enormous impact in a small-team.


  • UI Art: Create stunning user interface assets. These will compliment the art style while elegantly communicating information.
  • Rapid UX Iteration: Generate a wide range of possible approaches for any player experience. You’ll know when to draw on a Post-It, when to do wireframes, and when to talk it through.
  • Collaborate: Team up with designers and programmers to nail promising user flows.
  • Learn Generative AI: Dive deep into this brave new world. AI can seem like magic – and you’ll help players and your teammates feel like magicians.
  • Implement: Make the UI work in every aspect ratio, with support from developers for the “tricky stuff”.
  • Refine: Shape how we approach UI and UX at 2UP Games.
  • Grow: Use your additional skills to make the team and the game a better place. Want to extend into design, programming or product management? We gotcha.


  • 3+ years of crafting user interfaces for mobile games
  • A portfolio demonstrating UX problem solving
  • Excellent visual design skills. You’ll either understand colour theory, typography leading, grids... or just “feel it”
  • Proficiency in rapid prototyping tools such as Figma, Balsamiq, Sketch, Illustrator or… Post-Its :)
  • Ability to take feedback to improve UX solutions. It’s a truism that everyone has an opinion on UI. Being able to digest it and make the end result better is a big part of the job.
  • Comfortable with a broad range of visual styles
  • Able to implement and commit most UI changes without help from a developer
  • You have the right to work in New Zealand or Australia

Bonus Points

  • Experience working in a structured Agile environment, such as Agile Scrum or kanban
  • A passion for learning about Generative AI
  • Familiarity with Unity’s UI tools
  • Conducting user tests, either in person, or remote (Playtest Cloud, etc.)
  • You understand the principles of UI animation, e.g. you know the difference between “ease in” and “ease out”, and when to use them
  • You have additional art, coding or design skills, and want to grow them
  • You know the difference between “Signifiers” and “Affordances” :) 

Founding Employees

You’ll be a founding employee. What does this mean?

  • You’re excited about the brave new world of generative AI. You may not know much about it (yet!), but you’re excited by the creative possibilities.
  • You’ll model and improve our employee values. Have a look at them (below) and see if they sit right with you.
  • You’ll be invested in improving your studio. And you’ll want to share the upside when things go right for the company – ask us for more info on equity options.
  • You’ll help us improve our remote-working model. We want this to be the place where we do the best work of our careers. How can you help?
  • You’ll see boring health and safety statements and raise a wry smile. But seriously, please do take care of your home office environment. You’ll get a budget to ensure you have great gear. Use it, align it, and your body will thank you for it in your retirement. Any questions, just ask.

Work Hours

This is a startup, does that mean I’ll work crazy hours?

We want the team to be happy and productive for the long haul. We balance a sensible baseline with the occasional need to push hard.

  • Baseline of 40 hours per week. 
  • Some flexibility when you work the hours within a week. 
  • Occasional surges around milestone releases. 
  • Once a game is released - rostered time “on call” to respond if there are problems.

Employee Values

These values describe how we aim to work at 2UP Games. 

  • We’re Considerate We’re trying to do something hard, together. Take the time to help your co-workers achieve their dreams. Collaborate compassionately, critique respectfully, and listen deeply.

  • We’re Motivated – We are pioneers, motivated from within. We work to support everyone’s productivity. And we never lose sight of the goal: shipping our games to millions of delighted players.

  • We’re Individuals. Find the awesome—your way. Bring yourself to work: your strengths, your quirks, and your ways of getting things done. Be your best self, no one else.


Drop us a line on Please include your CV, why you’re interested in the job, and a link to your portfolio.

Sound like you? Send your CV through to us: