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November 27, 2023
Remote (New Zealand and Australia)
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Full Time

AI Creator Job Description

Remote (New Zealand & Australia)

About 2UP Games

We’re an “AI-empowered games studio”. We make mobile games, using the most game-changing tech since the original iPhone. We’re backed by Supercell. 

We believe in putting the creative power of Generative AI into the hands of players. We’re excited about delivering fresh takes and whole new categories of games that were not even possible a year ago. And our own team is just as creatively empowered by AI. Not just doing the same things quicker (though that helps!) but by doing things differently.

Our first AI-empowered game “What the Draw?!”  has live AI image generation. Our players collaborate artistically with Generative AI, expressing themselves in new and wonderful ways. 

We have two more games in early-stage development. Both use Generative AI to do amazing things for players that they’ve always wanted, but were possible until now. We’d love to share the details of each when we talk.

We’re a team of nine with different backgrounds: we come from PikPok, Space Ape, Weta Gameshop, Immutable and more! We’re on a journey to become the studio best placed to make “the next big game” on mobile, using cutting-edge tech, the best craft, and good team vibes.

About the Role

We’re seeking an “AI Artist” - what does this mean? You’ll be an artist who is very interested in using AI to help us achieve our mission. You might be any type of artist: a tech artist, 3D modeller, concept artist, or animator or videographer. You will have already felt some of the way you make art changing through AI, and you are keen to see where it leads, surrounded by a team that is doing the same.


  • AI-Driven Creation: Use AI tools such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Adobe Generative Fill, DALL·E 3, and ControlNet to produce high-quality game assets, UI artwork, marketing materials, and branding content.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Approach artistic challenges with an AI-first mindset, using cutting-edge tools to deliver assets that meet our studio's high standards of creativity and innovation.
  • Figuring out Pipelines: Collaborating on Research and Development as to how we make artwork, working with designers, artists, and the tech team.
  • Marketing and Branding Work: Approx 25% will be dedicated to creating marketing and branding artwork, including videography and video editing if that is in your skillset. (% breakdown will vary by project phase and studio needs.)
  • Able to Take Direction: Comfortable with taking feedback from lead artist, and creating work to style. Even more comfortable making the art just right for players
  • Creation at Scale: Amplify our games by producing stunning AI artwork at scale. This isn't just about quantity; it's about using scale to elevate the player's experience to new heights. The answer to every question isn’t always “more content”, but… sometimes more is more.
  • Artistic Versatility: Bring an array of visual styles to life, from the simplicity and clarity needed for casual mobile games to the mastery of various art forms like watercolour, stained glass, and graffiti.
  • Self-Starter: Thrive in an environment with high ambiguity, take initiative as a self-starter, and work independently or through a task list as project needs dictate.
  • Collaborative Teamwork: Work within a small, interdisciplinary team of 5-10 members, contributing individually while sharing insights and developments.
  • Trend Awareness: Stay informed on the latest trends in AI art, and then share your thoughts on the potential applications with the team.
  • Note: It's unlikely there's anyone who can tick every box here! And that’s fine! If you are great at some of the things above, and have a desire to grow into others, then drop us a line!


  • A high-quality portfolio showcasing your art made with AI tools
  • Can work independently to produce high quality work within strict timeframes
  • You have the right to work in New Zealand or Australia

Bonus Points

  • Have shipped a mobile game as part of a team with 3-15 people.
  • Video editing / creation experience
  • A portfolio showcasing traditional (non-AI) art, such as illustration, animation, or 3D modelling.
  • Experience working in a structured Agile environment, such as Agile Scrum or kanban
  • Experience using Unity
  • Interest in contributing to Startup & Social Stuff (team events, studio branding, etc.)


We believe diverse perspectives are essential to achieving our mission. Having a team with different life experiences is a massive asset in doing this.

You’ll note that in this role, the “experience” requirement is low. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about our mission and whose portfolios speak volumes about their talent and creativity. 

We’d like to make games where every player feels represented, your voice is heard, and each team member feels respected.

Work Hours

This is a startup, does that mean I’ll work crazy hours?

We want the team to be happy and productive for the long haul. We balance a sensible baseline with the occasional need to push hard.

  • Baseline of 37 hours per week
  • We finish early on Fridays
  • Some flexibility when you work the hours within a week
  • Occasional surges around milestone releases
  • Once a game is released – rostered time “on call” to respond if there are problems

Employee Values

These values describe how we aim to work at 2UP Games. 

  • We’re Considerate – We’re trying to do something hard, together. Take the time to help your co-workers achieve their dreams. Collaborate compassionately, critique respectfully, and listen deeply.
  • We’re Motivated – We are pioneers, motivated from within. We work to support everyone’s productivity. And we never lose sight of the goal: shipping our games to millions of delighted players.
  • We’re Individuals –  Find the awesome, your way. Bring yourself to work: your strengths, your quirks, and your ways of getting things done. Be your best self, no one else.


Drop us a line on Please include your CV, a link to your portfolio, and why you’re interested in the job.

Sound like you? Send your CV through to us: