Introducing: Ben Crouch!

Tim Knauf

Our first Founding Employee

We're very pleased to introduce Ben Crouch, our first Founding Employee. Ben is a talented Senior UI Artist who joins us from Melbourne, Australia—seemingly a hotbed for excellent game developers.

Ben's history speaks for itself, with Senior Artist, UI Artist and Senior Designer credits at PikPok, PlaySide, GREE, EA Firemonkeys and Millipede. When I told Ben's ex-PikPok colleagues that Ben would be coming to work with us, they literally cheered. That's how you know you've made a good hire!

Right now, we're deep in prototype development. From Ben's very first week in March, he has waded in "boots and all." It's been a delight to have him elevate not just our user interface, but our game design, animation and prototype art as well. Everything that we work on as a team with Ben feels bursting with potential.

Thank you, Ben! It's amazing to have you on board.

What is a Founding Employee? Read more here.

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